Jira Asset Management

AssetIT – an IT Asset Management tool (ITAM)

IT asset management for jira
Jira Asset Management Resolution

Elevate your asset management with cutting-edge solutions.

Cross-Sector Compatibility

AssetIT stands ready to cater to the unique demands of diverse industries.

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Key Features

Explore the full potential of AssetIT through its comprehensive range of essential features, designed to revolutionize asset management within Jira.

Link assets to a Jira issue

Smoothly link AssetIT into your Jira ecosystem

By providing a seamless integration with Jira, AssetIT enables users to effortlessly link assets with Jira issues, whether they’re monitoring equipment status, managing software licenses, or overseeing project resources, creating a harmonious connection between asset management and issue tracking.

Elevate asset attributes through personalized Custom Fields

Within AssetIT, the utilization of Custom Fields grants you the freedom to extend asset attributes beyond the predefined norms, enabling a personalized approach to asset management that precisely aligns with your organizational workflows and specific requirements.

custom fields in assetIT
QR code generation in AssetIT

Simplified Asset Tracking through QR Code Generation

The QR Code Generation feature enables users to swiftly scan QR codes attached to assets, granting immediate access to crucial information. This effortless process boosts efficiency by eliminating the necessity for manual searches, leading to quicker decision-making and enhanced asset management workflows.

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